State Of Decay 2 New Trailer Looks Dope – Releasing May 22


May 22 is the date you all should look forward to now. Another exciting Zombie Apocalypse title State Of Decay 2 is about to launch, and after seeing the trailer at Xbox official YouTube Channel, I’m pretty excited to try it on my PC.

The title is going to be available on May 22 and not just Xbox owners, but PC owners can also play this new amazing title and shoot a bunch of zombies. Before I start describing what I find interesting in this game let’s discuss the other details.

So this title is a sequel to the first State Of Decay which to be honest I never tried. I have heard about it, but I never tried. Now, this new title is same as it first version, it is a survival video game with open world scenario in which you can live with your three other friends. Developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios, State Of Decay 2 is a multiplayer RPG in which a team of total 4 players can play the game together to hunt the Zombies.

The thing that I like most about this game in the RPG setting. We have a guy who builds (our engineer), One who knows about Trading, A demolition guy (i don’t know his exact character, but he seems to use explosive to kill zombies) and last but not the least our Weapon expert. The game responds to the decisions you make in a random order which means your choices in the game matters.

The game is not giving any guarantee that all your friends will make to the home. As, if you or your friends will make any wrong decision then they will get themselves killed in the game and it will be over for them (at least for that round). Though the game will give you enough time to help your friend but again it depends on how you react to a certain situation in the game. Use the things that you find to trade them to get medicine for your friends or help neighbors so in case you are I trouble you know you got the backup.

With all this, the game looks amazing, and I would like to try this game for sure, and if I did you know, I’d tell you exactly how this game is.

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