Steps to take if you have had an accident that isn’t your fault in South Carolina

Steps to take if you have had an accident that isn't your fault in South Carolina
Steps to take if you have had an accident that isn’t your fault in South Carolina

Having an accident that isn’t your fault can have a serious impact on your life. Serious injuries can stop you from living your life how you normally would. People are often confused as to what to do when they have an accident that is not their fault. We have compiled this information to help you out in the case that you are injured as a result of someone else. If you have had an accident in Anderson and need help with your claim, make sure you contact the best Anderson injury lawyers to give you the best chance of winning a claim. below in this article, we will cover the Steps to take if you have had an accident that isn’t your fault in South Carolina.

Injury at work

In the case of an injury at work, if you contract an illness or have an accident that could have been avoided while following company policy, you are more than likely eligible for a claim. If you are in this scenario, make sure you speak to a reputable injury attorney as soon as possible.

Injured during a drink driving accident

If you are injured during a drink driving accident, not only is the person driving liable, you may also be able to lodge a claim against the company that served that person. If they are found to have helped a person who is already intoxicated, your attorney may be able to seek compensation from that company.

Medical costs

If you run up a medical bill whilst receiving treatment for an accident that is not your fault, not only are you able to receive financial compensation from them, you are also able to claim back your medical fees against the party who injured you as well.

Injury to children while at school

We send our kids to school under the belief that they will be looked after by their caregivers. If you feel this trust has been violated and your child has been injured due to a caregiver’s negligence, you may be able to claim against the school for compensation and medical fees. Make sure you discuss your options with an attorney.

I think a prescription has effected my health

If you believe you have been the victim of a pharmaceutical, manufacturer, or labeling error, and this has caused you health problems. You could be entitled to compensation from the party responsible.

Dog attacks

In South Carolina, dog owners are liable and responsible for their dogs. Any attacks or damage done by a dog, regardless of the owners’ intent, are the responsibility of the owner. If you have received injuries from a dog attack, the chances are that you are likely to be able to receive compensation from the owner. The only exceptions to this are when a dog attacks a trespasser or if the victim has deliberately provoked the dog.

Hopefully, we have cleared some of the misconceptions around personal injury claims here. In any case, if you are the victim of an accident that is not your fault, we recommend speaking to a personal injury lawyer, they are the best source of advice when it comes to compensation cases and should be able to inform you what the best course of action is.

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