Tesla Model Y Is Planned For 2020 And Elon Musk Says It’ll Be “A Manufacturing Revolution”


The Tesla cars are true electronic automobile wonders & with the new Roadster, the line-up has caught it’s pace. The newest member of Tesla family is coming & it’ll be called the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Teaser

According to a report by Electrek, during Tesla’s Q1 2018 conference call, Elon Musk denied the previous report (by Reuters) which claimed that Tesla was aiming to start, the Model Y production in November 2019. Instead he said that, Tesla aims to bring the vehicle in production in 2020.

Musk also confirmed that Tesla is not planning to manufacture the Model Y at its Fremont factory and instead they’l announce a new factory in “no later than in the fourth quarter”. So, we’ll get to know further plans before 2018 ends. He also said that, it’ll be “a manufacturing revolution” which literally increases the excitement for the Model Y a lot.

To be fair, new factories & increase in production capacity is really needed for Tesla at this moment. The Model 3 productions are still way less than the current demand & the production of right-handed Model 3 vehicles haven’t even started yet. Let’s hope that the situation improves & that same doesn’t happen with the Model Y. However, we’re really pumped up for the Model Y.

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