The iPhone 7 Plus Retro Looks Classier Than The iPhone 7 Red


I really loved the iPhone 7 Red, but until i saw the iPhone 7 Plus Retro for $1899. Thanks to colorware where they invested their time in designing the iPhone 7 Plus retro. They have got the memory of the Macintosh Classic. The phone comes with the same retro color like the Macintosh Classic & have a custom multicolored Apple logo.

The custom multicolored logo on the back seems 3-D. When saw TechSmartt video on YouTube, I was also disappointed to see that they have just made the phone look classic, but the charger & accessories were same white colored. It would have given the extra value to the retro looking charger or ear-pod. But, at the end it’s really hard to fine the iPhone 7 Plus Retro phone.

This iPhone 7 Plus Retro is a limited edition phone with just 25 units available. It seems to be a fair deal for me as it is really hard to find the retro iPhone 7 Plus. The colorware ship their products to limited countries. Find list.

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