Twitter Added Bookmarks And A New Share Icon


Previously there was an option in Twitter via. which the users were able to send a Tweet to someone using the Direct Message feature of the platform. Well, Twitter has just introduced a new “Share” icon that includes this Tweet Sharing feature alongside Tweet Sharing via. Text Message or Email and most importantly there is now a Bookmark option as well.

The new Share icon literally replaces the old Message icon & includes all three sharing features that I mentioned above.

Twitter Added Bookmarks And A New Share Icon

In the image above, that circled icon is literally the new Share icon that Twitter just rolled out. In the options, the first one is the same Tweet sharing via. Direct Message that we had the earlier Message icon for.

The second (highlighted) option is for the newly introduced Bookmarks that allows you to Bookmark (Save) Tweets for getting to them quickly in the future. The third option is for Sharing the Tweet via. a Text Message or an E-mail.

However, this feature is not available in all parts of the world right now so, if you haven’t got this feature yet, don’t worry as the feature shall be available soon for everyone.


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