Upcoming Samsung Devices Will Have Graphene Battery – 5 Times Fast Charging

graphene battery
Image Source: SketchPort

Samsung has been working secretly on a very new project for their upcoming smartphones. They have now introduced Graphene battery system that will be found in their upcoming models. With this technology, your smartphone will now last longer & on other side will be 5 x times faster than the current fast charging technology.

SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), Korea has been successful to blend the graphene ball with lithium-ion, that in combine gives your phone a boost of 45%. With this new technology you will utilize 12 minutes to fully charge your phone, instead of an hour.

With speedy charging time, the new graphene technology will also optimize your battery usage time, which mean you can now  spend more time on phone, rather than charging your phone.

We still have time to make the use of this battery in Samsung smartphone, as it is just in testing phase. But, we can expect this to come in the late of 2019 or early 2020. We are surely not seeing this in the Samsung Galalxy S9, but might see in in the next generation smartphones of 2019-20.

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