Vivo X20 Plus Scored 90 In DXOMark


The Vivo X20 Plus has been there for a while now & recently it even got an upgrade as the first phone ever to have an Under-display Fingerprint Scanner. That variant is actually called the X20 Plus UD. Now, DXOMark has ran their tests on the Camera or I may say Cameras of the device & the Vivo X20 Scored 90 In DXOMark that is identical to the HTC U11 & even the first-gen Google Pixel.

Vivo X20 Scored 90 In DXOMark

That’s actually pretty good for a Mid-range Smartphone from a company like Vivo. So, it’s nice to see that they have finally started to make good rear cameras alongside the front ones. Vivo X20 Scored 90 In DXOMark.

Talking about individual scores the X20 Plus scores about 92 in photo & 87 in Video. So, again it’s pretty impressive for a Mid-range smartphone.

Vivo X20 Scored 90 In DXOMark

So, maybe we’ll see more mid rangers to catch up with flagships this year & as this gap between Flagships & Mid-rangers continue to shorten, maybe there will be a good line up of Mid-range smartphones that can rival the flagships someday.

So, good work Vivo! We’re also expecting a lot from the APEX which shall also come out  sometime soon as Vivo manages to create a retail version. The thing we’re happy about is the fact that Vivo is not just thinking selfies anymore & they’re actually bringing some innovation.

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