Vivo Z1 To Come With A Snapdragon 660 And A 24MP Selfie Camera


Recently we came to know that Vivo will be launching another smartphone called the Vivo Z1 in China & it’s literally coming tomorrow. However, what we knew about the device was a present of a Notch & some AI capabilities. Now, two new posters have been leaked which confirm the AI capabilities with a Snapdragon 660 AIE SOC & there will also be a Vivo Z1, Snapdragon 660, 24MP Selfie Camera for selfies. In this article, you can get full information about Vivo Z1, Snapdragon 660, 24MP Selfie Camera.

So, it looks like the Z1 is literally another Vivo X21 without the under-display fingerprint scanner. So, it’s literally like the Snapdragon variant of the Vivo X21i which comes with a Meditek Helio P60. Was this smartphone really needed ? Well, Vivo may have different market demands from different countries but, we still don’t know which countries will get the device after it launches in China.

As I mentioned earlier, the device will be announced tomorrow & the price should be a a compelling spot. The expected price in China is somewhere around that 1000 yuan (~10.7K INR or 157 USD) area but, that’s a little hard to believe, at least from Vivo as of now.  So anyway, let’s see what Vivo has in stock for tomorrow with their Vivo Z1.

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