VRMark Cyan Room -Futuremark Brings New Benchmark To Measure VR


VR Mark Benchmark

VR is the future & i guess Futuremark realise that. Today futuremark introduces a new method to measure VR benchmark though their VRmark. This is the only thing in the Market that actually helps to measure VR’s benchmark on your PC with DirectX 12 in virtual reality.

This new VRMark Cyan Room will be released on 22nd of November. This new benchmark feature will be the best option for testers like us to check if the machine is ready for VR. Also we could also measure how good is the machine for VR as compared to the competatros.

To be in the top list, your system will undergo several test. VRMark Orange is the test to measure if your computer is ready for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Whereas, VRMark Blue Room is for a detail benchmark is most remomened. This test goes through 5k rendering test, which is an ideal benchmark test for testing if the machine is future ready.

Including these benchmark test we are exciting to test the VR on the VRMark Cyan Room benchmark test. We also have VRMark benchmarks for mobile VR, that will definitely help to see how good is your smartphone optimized for VR. It seems like benchmark test are going to evolve more in coming future.

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