Sony’s New Smartphone Leaks With 4k Display & 6GB RAM



Today Sony’s new machine leaked on GFX bench with a model name H8521 Pro-A that comes with 4K display & a 6GB RAM. The leak was out for a while, then after it got disappeared from GFXBench. The H8521 is the new series that comes with 4 different display variant. There will a 5.7-inch, 7.4-inch, 10-inch and an 11.4 inch display variant with 1920×1080 pixels, 2560×1440 pixels, 3360×1890 pixels & 3840×2160 pixels respectively.

It clearly looks like 2 units of Smartphone & 2 units of tables in the new series. Looking at the camera front, it comes with 18MP on the back that can record 1080P at 60fps & 4k at 30fps. The front selfie camera comes loaded with 12MP camera that also support recording at 1080P at 60fps & 4k at 30fps.

Apart from the camera, the phone comes with a 6GB of RAM and a 128GB of storage that can be expandable. There is no highlight on the OS, but we are expecting to get Android 8.0 installed in it. This model will come loaded with Snapdragon 845 processor. We are still understanding the model name & expecting it to be launched in early 2018.


Edited: Processor from snapdragon 835 to Snapdragon 845


  1. Xda pro says

    No is 835 is 845

    1. geeksnipper says

      We just figured that out.. thanks to the update though…

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