What Is So Special About a Gaming Laptop?


Gaming laptops are usually a grade higher than the average laptop due to the characteristics they have. This is because of their specs, especially in terms of processing power and the use of the latest hardware technologies. These technologies are designed to get the best performance in running games, emulators, and all types of audio-visual content in general.

To get the best performance, several aspects come into play. For example, high-resolution graphics, utilities that enable better network connections, better GPUs (graphics cards), high-power processors, large storage capacities, and highly efficient cooling systems with heat-dissipating materials and high-quality keyboards.

What Is So Special About a Gaming Laptop?

Is it worth investing in a gaming laptop if you’re not a player?

Gaming laptops are powerful, robust machines, and are mainly intended for heavy or demanding processing. However, the fact that these computers are aimed at gamers does not mean that only this audience can benefit.

There are many ways to get the most out of these laptops even without being a gamer. For instance, professional video and photo editing need such capabilities daily. Thus, if you are a content creator, engineer, architect or designer, gaming laptops are a suitable pick for you.

So, what features make it so desirable?

Gaming laptops are manufactured for intensive use

Gaming laptops have very sophisticated designs. They have specially designed cooling systems and high-speed fans. These ensure efficient operation and avoid overheating despite the demands of the tasks they are subjected to. They have dedicated high-end graphics cards, while ordinary laptops have integrated graphics cards. Gaming laptops feature special keyboards that are LED powered. Powerful processors. Gaming notebooks also have a larger RAM storage capacity, and some feature a VRAM (dedicated only to videos). The battery is of high durability.

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There are still many other features, but in short, a gaming laptop is better than a traditional laptop in every way.

Purchasing criteria

There are many details, aspects, and features that you need to know about gaming laptops. Remember, this is a significant investment. The level of performance of your computer under the most demanding conditions will depend on the components with which it will be manufactured. Here, we list three of the most important components you should look out for.

  • GPU and graphics card

The GPU or graphics processor is the heart of the graphics card. It is usually located on plug-in cards, on chips on the motherboard or on the processor chip itself.

This component is probably the most important in a gaming laptop. The main function of this unit is to perform all the calculations necessary to reproduce the visuals. The more sophisticated they are, the higher the resolution, speed, and fluidity of the games, videos or movies.

  • Processor

While the brand Intel largely dominates the processors’ area, there are other manufacturers such as AMD that are also decent.

The top-of-the-range Intel core processors are currently in the ninth generation. Professional gamers recommend at least the seventh or eighth generation, and the idea is to start with an Intel Core i5 processor. If you opt for the latest generation, the i5-9400F and i5-9600K with 6 cores and 6 threads, respectively, you should be able to enjoy smooth graphics in your gaming.

  • RAM

RAM is the main memory of your laptop. It’s where all data and programs are stored when computing.

If you want to play your games effectively, at least 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB of VRAM is recommended. This is the bare minimum necessary, but we do not guarantee the execution of multiple simultaneous or multithreading tasks. Remember that gaming is one of the most demanding tasks performed by a computer.

16 GB or 32 GB of RAM would be ideal because, with this capability, your laptop will be powerful enough to run multiple applications at any one time. However, do not worry if your computer only has 8 GB. In fact, it is very easy to increase the capacity of the RAM without entailing a high cost.

In summary

Gaming components can be difficult to compare, and it is not easy to choose from all the existing laptops that are available. However, it is still necessary to research the components of laptops and the capabilities offered by each, to ensure your money is well spent.

Remember that in terms of capacity and performance, a laptop will never go beyond a desktop. In terms of choosing the components and features of the laptop, it will depend largely on the use you have in mind. If portability and accessibility are strong pointers you favor, you should consider a gaming laptop.

Lastly, gaming laptops offer the best performance hands down, and therefore they’re so highly appreciated by professionals in any field.

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