Who needs Diabetic Socks and the Benefits of Diabetic Socks


Diabetes brings along with a bag full of problems to the sufferers. It’s not only the blood sugar levels which one needs to keep a check on, but a whole checklist of parameters to ensure you’re well being.

Diabetic patients are always prone to foot ulcers and amputations. While the risk of the nervous system and circulatory system disorder is always hovering around them. These conditions grow severe and lead to temporary or permanent disability and death in several cases.

This was the medical aspect of the sufferings taken by diabetic patients, there an emotional aspect too, which keeps tinkering with their mind at all times.

Early recognition and prevention can be of great help in delaying the onset of severe problems.

Need for Diabetics Socks:

Let us first try to figure out why we need socks for diabetes at all?

Why is there a lot of fuss about wearing diabetes socks all the time? 

It’s not mandatory for every person with diabetes to look for socks for diabetes. It’s rather a recommendation for patients who don’t have a particular class of symptoms.

Patients who are prone to foot injuries, which can be on account of a lack of proper circulation of blood. And specifically, those suffering from peripheral neuropathy, a condition where a person doesn’t feel his foot. Such people must-have socks for diabetes and should wear them at all times during the day.

In serious cases of peripheral neuropathy, it is found that people may get a deep cut in the feet, and not feel the pain at all.

In diabetes, even the most minor of cuts and bruises, calluses, cracks, and blisters can lead to foot ulcers and ultimately to amputation.

Diabetes also affects the blood circulation, thereby making the healing process a lot slower. When wounds don’t heal up quickly they add up to the risk of turning into ulcers.

Who should wear diabetic socks? 

  • People who have previously experienced irritation, changes in foot temperature, blisters that might lead to ulcers, fungal infections, changes in foot color are advised to have a pair of socks for diabetes with them and must wear them at all times during the day.
  • People who suffer from sweaty feet, alongside diabetes.
  • Women having gestational diabetes and also suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) should wear diabetic socks. Socks for Diabetics will lower the risk of getting blood clots.

Qualities of diabetic socks:

Socks for diabetes are made with the intention of comforting diabetic patients. They are enabled with a variety of features to address foot care problems.

  • Improved blood circulation: Diabetic socks ensure the increased delivery of oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the cells and back to the heart. Increased blood circulation helps in faster healing of wounds and thereby reducing the risk of ulcers.
  • Fitting: Socks for diabeties fit firmly in your legs as you might have to wear them for spells of long hours. ill-fitting diabetic socks might probe problems while wearing. They can cause itching and discomfort. So to avoid such irregularities, find the best diabetic socks for that fit perfectly as well!
  • Appearance: this is an aspect that is subjective and depends on the person who will wear them. There is a range of fashionable diabetic socks available in the market. These stylish diabetic socks serve the purpose for which they are put into use along with imparting a cool appearance to the people. They give you a cool look if you have opted for colorful diabetic socks or fashion diabetic socks.
  • Moisture absorbing material: One big reason for using diabetic socks is the sweaty feet people suffer from, that is why diabetic socks are made from moisture sucking material, that absorbs all the moisture away from your feet. They are meant to keep your feet dry at all costs.
  • Comfortable yarns: Diabetic socks are meant to provide comfort, hence they are made from skin-friendly materials like wool, which is antimicrobial as well.
  • Extra padding: Best Diabetic socks usually come with extra padding in the areas that are more prone to external injuries. This padding is normally found at the bottom of the socks and along the toes to provide extra cushioning and comfort.
  • Revolutionary smart technology: we have a smart class of diabetic socks available at our disposal which is embedded with a sensor that will keep a check at the temperature of your feet at all times. It will alert you when the temperature rises or drops past a certain level. Such socks have a battery embedded at the ankle, too small to cause any troubles that power the sensor.
  • Maintenance: Most of the diabetic socks are meant to be worn on a daily basis and one is advised to wear them daily. Usually, they last for 6 months when taken good care of.

Bottom line

Socks for Diabetes are a great product when used according to their needs. How they help with your condition is scientifically established.

It’s just that certain precautions are needed to be taken while using diabetic socks and they will prove to be a great accomplice of yours.

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