ZOWIE EC1-B & ZOWIE EC2-B (CS:GO Edition) Review


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Are you thinking, why I am doing a review for 2 products in one article? I have an explanation for this. This edition of ZOWIE EC1-B & EC2-B are CG:GO verified & a member of EC-B. The only thing that’s different is the size. It is really a smart move from ZOWIE by giving e-sports gamers with an option to choose the same mouse but in a different size.

In this Article, we are going to share with you our experience & review on both the products. We are going to share the review as a casual gamer focusing more on the usability & performance.


 ZOWIE EC1-B & EC2-B (CS: Go Edition) Specification




DPIUp to 3200 DPIUp to 3200 DPI
USB SupportUSB 2.0 / 3.0 Plug & PlayUSB 2.0 / 3.0 Plug & Play
Number of buttons55
RR (Response Rate)Up to 100HzUp to 100Hz
Dimensions128 x 69 x 43mm120x64x40 mm
Length2 meters2 meters
Buy INR: 5,999Buy ZOWIE EC1-B Buy ZOWIE EC2-B


Both the mouse comes with a very similar design. It comes with the logo that represents Valve certification of the CG:GO Edition. It comes with 5 buttons that include the left & right click, Close buttons & center click.

It’s BenQ’s tendency to make their product look simple. This is one another reason why it suits every e-sports style. The mouse has a 2-meter long cable that is quite enough for a player to extend in a game. The only drawback I felt in this mouse was that there is no light effect on the logo that oversimplifies the look of the mouse. It would be great to see the upcoming model to purge this design glitch (If ZOWIE is planning to launch another edition of the mouse).

Note: In the naming convention, the reason why it has “B” because it represents the latest 3360 sensors. 

Comfort & Usability:

Both the mouse are very different in terms of comfortability. The ZOWIE EC1-B is quite comfortable for those who have huge palms, whereas ZOWIE EC2-B are for those who have small palms. I was quite comfortable with ZOWIE EC1-B with my big palm. The mouse fits quite comfortably as it has that palm comfortable shape for better usability.

Comparing both the mouse with my existing ROG SICA, the EC1-B & EC2-B feels more comfortable. But the mouse also has some downfalls. For me, it really does not make any sense to have a DPI & Report Rate button on the bottom of the mouse. This will surely be a disadvantage for those who like to change their settings in real-time during gameplay.

What I really liked about the mouse is the way how the scroll & click sounded. It really gives the feel of the efforts that you are putting in the game.

Built Quality & Durability: 

This mouse is a decent looking gaming mouse & there is no room to complain about the build quality. It has a rich hard plastic that can easily take a few small drops. The company claims that the hardware used inside is of high performance which can last for a couple of years. But this also matters in the way you handle it.

Talking about durability, it seems that the mouse can easily sustain good long years. It is really not fair to justify the years, but I’m quite sure that it will easily that long so that you can exchange a new one.


So, is this really a good choice? This might depend on different persons. If you are one of those who want an easy access to DPI and Report Rate in real-time gaming, then this might not be a suitable mouse for you. This has perfect DPI & Report rate control but is not placed in the right position.

But considering it’s positive side, this can be a perfect chose for those who want all these access, but want to use one setting at a time. There is no doubt that the mouse is all good in terms of design & build, hence it can be a perfect choice of a gaming mouse. With respect to e-sports gamer, this is the only best choice that you can get in the market.