5 Best Cheap Cases You Should Have For Your Zenfone 2 – 5.5-inch Display


ASUS Zenfone 2 series is one of the best phones in the market and is doing pretty good. We have been getting emails from users asking about the best case that they can have for their Zenfone 2. But, people also have been asking for a budget case. No matter which Zenfone 2 series you have it will fit perfect.

So we decided to try few cases and then give you the top 5 case for Zenfone 2.

Let’s start!

1. Amzer Pudding TPU Case:

Amzer Pudding TPU CaseAmzer Pudding TPU case is on the top of the chart. According to my opinion, this is one of the best budget cases for your Zenfone 2 Laser. The case is the best-looking case amongst the top 5. It has a matt black finish which looks pretty good on the device. The case can bear drops, but not the extreme one.

Price: INR 499.

Buy: Amzer Pudding TPU Case


2. Defender Premium Brushed Aluminium Hard Case:

DEFENDER Premium Brushed Aluminium Protective Hard BackDefender premium case really makes your Zenfone 2 Laser look premium. This is a hard case cover having a metallic finish that makes the phone look rugged. This is just 82 g in weight which really does not make any difference on the weight of the phone. This case can also handle few falls, but is not that strong, but is really stylish.

Price: INR 299

Buy: DEFENDER Premium Brushed Aluminium Protective Hard Back Case Cover


3. HOKO Feather Series Ultra-Thin Matte Hard Case:

HOKO is a well kHOKO Feather Series Ultra Thin Matte Hard Casenow brand in making cases and this is one of the finest thin case you can have for your Zenfone 2.This is a hard plastic case covered with rubber on the top (Just a thin rubber layer and rest is hard plastic). This case if for those, who don’t want to make their phone look bulky.

Price: INR 450
Buy: HOKO Feather Series Ultra Thin Matte Hard Case Back Cover


4. Scudomax Premium S-Line TPU Case:

ScudomaxTM Premium S-Line TPU CaseThe S-Line TPU Case does look fancy, but it really looks good when it is on phone. This case is made of rubber and really easy to install. Buttons can easily be accessed and being made of rubber the case is too light. You won’t feel that you have out cover on your phone. This case if for those who are looking for a cheap but good quality case for their Zenfone 2.

Price: INR 119
Buy: ScudomaxTM Premium S-Line TPU Case


5. Noise The Woods-Multicolor Printed Cover:

Noise The Woods-Multicolor Printed Cover

This is another of my favorite case for Zenfone 2. This case looks fancy and really suits the fashion. This case has a wooden texture with multi-color on it. Being multi-color it suits you in any dress or party you visit. This is much durable than any other cases in the list.

Price: INR: 499

BuyNoise The Woods-Multicolor Printed Cover 




If you have any of your favourites please let us know through the comment below.

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