8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U Was Spotted Inside An Upcoming Acer Nitro Model !


It hasn’t been even 24 Hours when we told you that 8th Gen Intel Core i7 Processors will debut on August 21. Now, the first look at an Acer Nitro running a 8th Gen i7 is here.

8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U Was Spotted Inside An Upcoming Acer Nitro Model


Now, currently we don’t have any i7 variant like 7550U so, the variant running here called the 8550U is definitely a new player in the game. One weird thing though is the Base Clock Speed. It’s running on 1.8GHz that is much slower than the current gen 7500U & 7560U and even the older gen 6500U & 6560U Processors. Now, if the Burst clock is faster then we have no complains but, if that’s not the case, it’ll be a big disappointment for us.

But, there is another big news here. Some rumors claim that the i7-8550U & i5-8250U will be the first U-series Processors that’ll be featuring 4-cores instead of just 2-cores like the previous generation. In that particular case scenario, Down-clocking the base frequency makes perfect sense as Powerful U-series i5 & i7 processors are used in thin & light Laptops like Ultrabooks & down-clocking can help to avoid overheating issues that happen by packing a powerful processor in a Slim & Light form factor.

So, tell us if you’re waiting eagerly for Intel to release their 8th Generation of Core series CPU’s or you think it’s way too early for Intel to release a brand new generation. The comments section is open for your opinions.


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