A bettor’s guide to playing Plinko


Plinko is known as one of the most unique games that bettors can find in online casinos. It is still fresh and yet it has been acclaimed by a lot of seasoned bettors and even newbies thanks to its easy gameplay, which makes it a favourite even if it has two versions to choose from.

Based on the same game seen in the TV show ‘The Price is Right’ in 1983, Plinko stood out as a digital version. It is inspired by the popular pachinko machines in Japan, and a lot of bettors tried it out since the fame of the TV show carried over to the integrated casino game.

There are even a lot of people who refer to the game when they play American game-show Plinko online. It is easy to say that the popularity of the game has known no bounds over the years since it continues to thrive in the online platform.

The latest tech advancements have breathed a new life into the game. With a lot of cool mechanics, thrilling experience and a touch of replayability, bettors are on the hunt for guides to help them win in Plinko.

Plinko’s two versions

For starters, the two versions of Plinko are the ones released by BGaming and Spribe respectively. In the BGaming version, there is a chance that the ball will drop in eight to 16 lines while the Spribe version can go for 12, 14, or 16 lines. The more lines on the board, the more pins there will be and it will be hard to win just to go for a higher payout.

The BGaming version is considered to be one of the best options to play since it can be a good break from the volatile titles and other regular casino games. The adjusted RTP (return to player) rate of 99% and small volatility rate proves to be a good deal for most bettors.

The Spribe version has unique gameplay since players can also pick the coloured box and its multiplier where they think the ball will land. Red offers the biggest range but has a lower odds of giving out a win for players. All players need is a multiplier of more than one to make a profit from their wagers.

This version is also put at a medium volatility rate compared to the BGaming version. It has eight pay lines and a hit ratio of 100%, making it one of the exciting games to play.

How to play Plinko

Plinko’s mechanics is easy and needs little to no strategy. You just need to drop the chip from the top of the board filled with a maze of pins. Once dropped, it will make its way through the maze and land in a box with a corresponding prize.

These coloured boxes are different in colour, which also shows the different payouts that players can get at the end of every round. It is almost like a slot game and bettors just really need to be lucky enough to get a huge chance at winning here.

Depending on the casino, the bet size in Plinko may vary from $0.10 to $2,500 in just one go. Players can still tweak the difficulty level to at least give them a better chance by setting a desired number of pins and the lines of pins that will also appear on the board once they start the game.

Winning in Plinko is challenging, but bettors can be smart when they are placing their wagers. The first tip to consider in playing Plinko is the amount of bet that they want to put on the line. It is always a must to set an amount for betting in a single session. Plinko can be an addictive game, and no one wants to lose an entire bank account savings from playing it. 

Another pro tip that can help players is to at least have a pattern in the game. While there are a lot of bettors who just wildly place their wagers and hope for the best, there are times when they can also win the same box for three or more straight rounds. 

Having a pattern to rely on means that for every straight win or loss in the same box, bettors would either change the number of lines, pins and even the amount of bet they will place in the game. Just like how lucky contestants play American game-show Plinko, it would be good to bet at a high level again once you win from small bets.

Plinko is one of the best arcade games that bettors can find online, and this can give them an easy yet exciting betting experience as well. Depending on the version you play and the strategies you use, Plinko may just give you a huge win in the long run.

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