Adobe Working On An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool To Identify Image Manipulation


Photo Tampering is one of the most common practice for those who use Adobe Photoshop, but identifying these tampered images was one major task, until now. The leading company Adobe claimed today that they are working on a new AI based tool to identify tampered images.

Vlad Morarium, one of the researchers in Adobe used the AI technology to identify the image tampering issue which is said to be successful. According to the research, AI can easily identify if any elements from the image had been moved, which make identifying image manipulation easy.

This research is going past 14 years & then had got implemented to use in AI technology, to check on any changes made on the images. This research was conducted in cooperation with US Department of Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). DARPA also stated that this technology can be very useful in the future to identify even a small changes made in any image & with this technology checking authenticity will become quite easier.

To check if the image been cloned, Adobe use three main techniques and that are splicing, cloning & removing as this is the common techniques used to edit any images. When any of this process is done on a image the noise statistics changes and it becomes easy to identify image manipulation.


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