An Internet Romance Victim Got Scammed By Loosing HK$14 Million



When we talk about smart people, it seems they turn out to be the dumbest of all. According to the recent internet romance scam a Finance Manager at Hong Kong got scammed of HK$14 million to a person whom she haven’t meat in her life. According to the source this blind folded online scam was there since 8 long years.

According to the reports, Hong Kong have been suffering from this online romance bluff since ages and this year the scam has increased by 5 times compared to last year. It was also reported that this year there were around 119 victims gone though the same.

This scam is been recorded as one of the longest scam. The victim was a 40 year old women working as a Finance manager, who came across this con man on a dating site in 2010. The victim said that the con man pretended to be a British film maker, which clearly indicates that the women was all impressed by his profile. It seems that the only communication medium between these two was either e-mail or whatsapp.

Sources also claimed that the victim used to send HK$10,000 to the so called British Director as an administration fee for his movies, which has been repeated more than 100 times in this 8 years. All this thing got light, when the victim share the conversation with their relatives regarding her fake online true love.

The investigation on this is still going on and the only thing that came into picture was that all these translation was done in one of the Malaysian Bank, which means the con man is from Malaysia. But when asked by the Bank holder, but they found no trace. The Hong Kong police is still investigating on this issue.

The only thing i would like to say is that, if you are also into online dating, then be aware of these online love scam.

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