AR Will Change The Future Of Online Shopping

We have been seeing a lot of development coming in the AR technology. It is not far that AR will soon replace the way online shop is done. But being into the field of Marketing & technology this has always been my question. Can AR change the future of online shopping with the help of Display Networking advt?

Looking at the development of AR in smartphones, it is clear that this technology can surly be the future of online shopping industry with a new way of display networking ads, which could be based on conversion than impression & reach. Which mean more of commission on sales.

If you look at Facebook, you have seen how they have started using AR in Facebook camera, which is growing significantly. Also we have been hearing that Facebook is working on making a shopping portal, which is a clear indication of brands ingratiation for Facebook. Apart from Facebook, we have also seen Snapchat, Instagram has started integrating similar feature.

But Advertisement in AR will be in a much smarter way than what we have today. We saw this approach in Google Tango, where the customer can preview a product by placing the product virtually somewhere in his surroundings & looking at it from different distances & angles before buying it. Now, as Google ARCore (which came as the replacement of Tango) will slowly move mainstream for a huge number of Android devices, this new shopping approach will be more accessible to the the companies & even to the consumers.

With this it is clear that the future if AR is broad. For brands who want better conversion rate instead of impression or reach, AR will help them achieve it. In future in you want to buy any cloths, you can just try shooting your picture and rest leave it to AR. This will help your time of going to the mall & wasting hours.

This is more like direct promotion for a brands. If I want a furniture from brand “A” & “C,” then i would just search for those brands, instead of going through different others. This is how “Brand A” & “Brand C” will have more conversion in minimum spending. This for now is just an idea of AR in future. With this AR will also change the way of shopping as all the brands will be using AR to sell their products in the future.

This is how AR can be used in future & for brands AR will be more of a blessing & for digital media people a challenge.  Do let me know your thought on this AR technology & how this can change the future.

Future Of Augmented Reality In Future
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Future Of Augmented Reality In Future
AR is going to be one of the key part of online shopping industry in coming future & with the way the technology is growing, we believe the day is there to come soon.
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