• Clarity of Sound
  • 12 different Colour options
  • Comfortable and Light on the ears
  • Durable


  • Lack of Bass
  • No accessories or pouch
  • High Price


  • Model: Dynamic type
  • Driver: φ13.5mm
  • Output sound pressure level: 102dB/mW
  • Reproduction bandwidth: 18~22,000Hz
  • The maximum input: 40mW
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Mass: About 5g(The code is excluded).
  • Plug: 3.5 gold-plated stereo mini- (L type) code length: 1.2m/Y type
  • 12 Colour options

When it comes to entry level earphones, the market is abuzz with hundreds of products. Almost all audiophile brands have one or more watered down versions of their high-end products released to cash in on their brand name. But as a consumer who’s on the lookout for a good deal. Should you really fall for the gimmickry or go with what seems the logical choice?

First Impressions :

We here at GeekSnipper have tried to answer this question one at a time, by reviewing for you the Audio-Technica ATH-C101 Cube Earphones. The Cube is the cheapest pair of Audio-Techinica earphones available, and the cost cutting is quite apparent as soon as you get the package in your hand. No ear-buds, no converter, no pouch, no string winder or any other accessories.

Design & Features:

What you do get out of the box is the Audio Technica ATH-C101 Cube Earphones itself. A pretty decent pair of earphones that are designed to appeal more to the fashion conscious than to the audiophile. Incorporating a unique CUBE design on the end of the earbud. This feature makes the earbud easier to adjust and also makes it stiffer and more durable. During testing we found that the earphones are quite light on the ears and don’t feel uncomfortable even after hours of usage.

Audio Technica ATH C101

The L shaped, gold plated connector is another great feature to have on an entry-level earphones. Ensures that it’ll last you a good number of years. The cable is thick and feels durable. Although it tangles a lot. Recommended ideally for commutes and casual listening, the Audio-Technica ATH C101 Cube Earphones feature a 15.8mm diameter outer housing but a standard 13.5mm diameter driver. Hence there’s no compromise on audio quality or loudness.


ATh C101

Now as the name suggests Audio-Technica delivers where it matters the most, audio quality. Best described as standard. Response was flat over various types of music, with no distortion or unnatural loudness. The clarity of sound shone through which is a major plus point of this unit, every instrument and note was audible and clear. What was lacking ofcourse was bass. Even after boosting bass response using DSP manager softwares, the result was lacklustre. However, this was on expected lines.


The C101 can be considered a serious contender when it comes to the entry level earphones market. Ticking all the check boxes when it comes to durability, design, personalization options and sound quality. But as mentioned earlier, the lack of bass and lack of accessories may be a turn of for some especially when we consider the hefty price tag of Rs 699 (albeit you can find a better deal online).