Canon’s New Patent Shows Fingerprint Authentication For Cameras And Lenses


Your Camera may soon become more personal to you & that security level might actually match your Smartphone or maybe even your Ultrabook. Yes, we are talking about Biometric Authentication here. A new patent have been exposed for Canon Cameras & Lenses that shows, Fingerprint Scanners embedded into them.

So as you can see in the patent, the Fingerprint Scanner has been embedded on the side of the lens & in the Front of the Camera. These Fingerprint Scanners shall act as a security protocol between the user & the Camera hardware. So, if you have associated your fingerprint with the Camera, it needs to detect that it’s the registered user who is trying to click the photo & only then it’ll function.

This minimizes the risk of your Camera being used by someone else when you don’t want them to use it. Kinda like what you do with your Smartphones & Ultrabooks where Fingerprint Scanners are available.

We’re not sure actually when is Canon planning to use this technology in their products but, our best guess will be for the Canon 5D Mark V.

Source: PConline

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