LG Developing Its Own High-End Processor



The recent news about LG says, they are now into making their own high-end processor for smartphones. This could mean that in the coming future LG will no longer have any Qualcomm chips used for its flagships smartphone. The chipset is not yet released, but is in the development phase and is expected later this year with a mass production.

No technical details have leaked, but it is expected to be an eight cores processor. It will probably get new high-end Mali-T880 GPU. The  processor has no name given. We might see the use of this new LG Chipset on the future LG smartphone device launching in year 2016. This includes all the LG’s flagship models of year 2016.

This might be a positive sign for LG smartphone to get the most compatible chipset and hence a better performance in coming future. This will be a good competition now for Apple iPhone.

We will keep you posted as we come across any news.

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