Samsung Pay Enters Spain- Soon To The European Market


Samsung Pay Korea

Samsung Pay was first introduced in the Korea and then following United States and China. Today Samsung takes the step ahead by introducing Samsung Pay in Spain. Samsung Pay entering Spain gives an indication of capturing the European market soon.

The Samsung Pay released in Europe was expected in earlier March, but laws and objections forced them to release later.

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The Samsung Pay Service is only available with the following banks.

  1. Caixa Bank
  2. Imagin Bank.

So if you have the credit cards of these two Banks, then you are eligible to use Samsung Pay in your smartphone. Later by End of June, Samsung Pay can be used for people having Abanca’s or Banco Sabadell cards.

According to the reposts, there are more than 500 million users using Samsung Pay in the Unites States and South Korea. Samsung is expecting to double the figure by this year’s end by capturing the entire European market.

  1. Samsung Pay Will be available for the following devices. 
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge
  3. Samsung Galaxy edge/ S6 edge+
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 active
  5. Samsung Galaxy A7

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