Career advice for working mothers as executive assistants


Parenthood is undoubtedly a rocky trip; pair that with a demanding career, and you have a brewing case of frustration. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t scare anyone from pursuing their passions; quite the opposite. Parents, moreso mothers, are encouraged to unburrow their heads from the toddler talk and sibling fights and carve out their paths. While this would mean putting in twice the effort and sacrifice, it connotes the untangling of one’s identity from that of their children, giving you a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Admittedly, mothers often get sucked into their children’s lives and schedules after quitting their jobs to raise them, whereas there is no greater sacrifice than that; the trajectory only leaves them desultory when it’s time to send them off to college.

Five actionable tips for moms working as executive assistants

Are you a mother looking to hone your skills as an executive assistant? Better yet, are you looking to streamline your performance in both roles? The search ends here. We’re about to take you through five simple yet effective tips to help take your career to the next level; these strategies consider the common challenges and concerns working moms encounter. Sounds interesting? Read on for the scoop.

Don’t settle

Scaling the corporate ladder for executive assistants goes hand in hand with upskilling. What do we mean? For those looking to propel their careers forward in this field, a skill advancement goes without saying. Take a course, join a program or enroll in the Institute of Executive Assistants to buff up those skills and add value to yourself. This approach will equip you with the skills and tools necessary for this line of work and make you an indispensable asset to your employee, possibly raising your earnings.

Delegate and communicate

As an executive assistant, you’re an extension of your senior; your role, therefore, includes the assignment of tasks and timely communication. Let go of the need to control every meager detail of operation at the office; instead, carve out the role played by each team member; this will give you sufficient time to tend to your senior’s pressing demands. Also, ensure effective and timely communication with your team members and senior staff. 

Tip: Delegation and communication call for flexibility; however, it’s important to clearly state your boundaries and expectations to avoid blurring any lines. 

Keep a schedule

If you have your mind set on assisting c-suite executives, schedules should undoubtedly be part of your identity. Whether you’re working for an individual, an organization, or a corporate network, you’ll find that scheduling keeps your workflow organized and seamless, but that’s not all. A schedule will help you keep track of your roles, tasks, and responsibilities while working as a measure of productivity. For working moms, channeling this tool into your personal life will help declutter your days, saving you lots of time and hassle.

Tip: Use a pencil to write down your schedule for flexibility, as plans and activities often get scraped off or moved around.

Rest up

Before you protest, hear me out; there’s no award for a burned-out executive assistant. Pushing yourself to the edge seven days a week is a recipe for poor performance, exhaustion, and imbalance. With that, ensure you schedule ample rest time at least once a week to recharge and refresh your batteries before returning to the office. Fill your days off with nothing but leisure, relaxation, and anything that ignites you; this also presents you with the perfect opportunity to catch up with your girls and those hobbies you barely ever have time for.

A little help goes a long way.

Now is not the time to play Little Miss. Do it all; cue shed off the excess weight you’ve been carrying. Consider employing external help to free up your schedule, occasionally letting a nanny or house cleaning service provider take the reins with your household chores. Can’t afford that? How about reaching out to the people around you for a helping hand? Try leaning on your family member(s) to pick up the kids from their playdate while you catch up on meetings or call in that favor with your colleague to get that paperwork finalized as you make those dentist appointments.

Final thoughts

There you have it, an all-you-need-to-know guide on striking the perfect balance between your personal and professional life as an executive assistant. It won’t be the easiest juggle; however, with these five pointers to give you clarity, perspective, and purpose, we’d say you’re set to get the job done. Still, we emphasize granting yourself some grace as you even out the demanding stumbles of parenthood and executive assisting; after all, you’re only human. So rather than beat yourself down on those crabby days, give yourself some credit for being an exceptional mother who dared to do both. 

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