Right Way To Clean Your Monitor/TV


Clean Your Monitor/TV

I have seen people cleaning TV’s or Monitors, but all of them where doing it the wrong way. When you clean a monitor or any electronic devices, it is really important for you to follow the proper step. If  not, then your devices has higher change to get damaged easily.

It also becomes important for you to clean your Monitor twice a month. The place where I stay, face a major issue of dust, hence for me it is really important to clean my monitor every week. Today I am going to teach you the right way to clean your Monitor/TV.

Make Sure Your TV is Switched-off

When you clean any devices, it is really important to check the power connect & make a practice to keep the power off. When you clean you device, you use some liquid, hence it is better to not take risk (As we know that electricity love water or liquid).

Don’t Forget to Dismantle:

With the term dismantle I do mean to remove every part. I mean to say that you need to make sure that you unmount your TV. Doing this, will give you a lot of space to clean every corner of your TV/Monitor. It also becomes easy to handle your TV, while cleaning.

First Clean With Dry Cloth: 

This is one of the things, that people don’t follow. People mostly try to clean their Monitor/TV with a wet cloth, which is not a good practice. It is really important to first clean all the dust with a dry cloths. With wet cloth, you will see dust stain on your TV. Cleaning with dry cloth makes the dust away from your Monitor/TV.

Apply Liquid (Surfactant):

When you clean your monitor, make sure that you apply the liquid on the cloth & not directly on the TV. It is always  better to apply it on cloth, because there might be possibility the liquid to get inside the panel, if applied directly on TV. If you get any gel for cleaning, I would suggest you to use it instead of any liquid.

Wipe It Clock and Anti-clock wise:

When you clean your monitor applying liquid, make sure that you clean every corner first in clock wise & then anti clock wise. This helps to remove stains (if any) & make your monitor/TV shine brighter.

Once you finish this process, just mount your TV/Monitor. Once Mounted, make sure that you wipe it again with the dry cloth, so that you keep no fingerprint on your Monitor/TV.

If you have any other ways or have any query regarding the same, then let us know in the comment below. We hope this article will be a great help for you.

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