Rumor Roundup – iPad Pro 2018


iPad X May Be The First Full Screen Tablet

There have been a lot of rumors about iPad 2018. Early we saw that the iPad Pro 2018 will be the first Apple device to come with a full-screen display & then later we saw that Apple won’t get the home screen button on the iPad Pro.  This gives a clear idea that Apple is going to change a lot in the coming future.

Considering rumors that iPad Pro to not have a home screen button gives a clear idea that Apple is getting rid of the button & getting more involved in gesture. Which also takes us to the conclusion that  Apple iPad Pro 2018 will only have Face Unlock mechanism (Pattern will obviously be there).

We all were hoping to have an in-display fingerprint scanner in the iPad Pro 2018, but it does not seem to be happening for this year. Even there is no official confirmation from the team if they might release in the coming future.

Talking about other rumors, one of the most unexpected things that have come out recently was Apple to get AR/VR headset in 2018, which seems to be happening with the iPad Pro this year.

There is still a lot of official confirmation to come from Apple’s side on the rumors. But, it is confirmed that the iPad  2018 will come with a similar display like the iPhone X having the Notch.

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