Convert DVDs to MP4: How to Rid a Room of Unnecessary Stuff

In the 21st century, we want everything, every video file, audio, and TV show to be available at hand on every electronic device in our arsenal. Shelves overflowing with DVDs now seem overly chock-full. And they are also a waste of space that could be better used for something else. Plus, we all know how uninspiring and unexciting it can be to travel by plane or train without access to an extensive library of entertainment. Below in this article, we will cover the Convert DVDs to MP4: How to Rid a Room of Unnecessary Stuff.

Convert DVD to MP4 files
Convert DVD to MP4

Nowadays, people often watch movies on mobile devices like Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPad, etc. However, many devices do not support DVD format. If you want to watch your favorite DVD movies on your gadget or have other needs, you should know how to convert a DVD to MP4. There is a hopeful fact that this article will motivate you to throw all the unnecessary things out of your house, choose the best DVD-to-MP4 converter, and convert DVD files to video.

Why do we need a DVD-to-MP4 converter?

And so, let’s take a brief look, point by point, why do we need to convert DVD files to video.

First of all, it is very convenient. All the necessary files are in one place and always with you. It can be a PC, a modern phone, or cloud storage. By the way, storing data on the cloud is not a bad option. You can access it from absolutely any device with an Internet connection. Also, you do not need to take flash drives and other portable storage devices with you. In addition, you can upload more files to the cloud than to any other gadget.

need a DVD-to-MP4 converter

Secondly, it is time to throw all DVD discs out of your house in 2021. Surely, for somebody, it is like a book. It is better to have a printed version in hand than to read online or use e-books. We are definitely not forcing you to throw everything out. You can keep a couple of disks for yourself, and convert the rest of the DVD files to video and save them, for instance, on your hard drive. Agree, you will not need to keep boxes with unnecessary disks at home and constantly wipe them from dust.

Thirdly, it is modern. Once upon a time, DVD disks replaced tape cassettes. The world is changing rapidly, and technology is developing. Now almost all manufacturers have abandoned disk drives, which simply won’t give you the opportunity to view your favorite recordings on a new laptop. So it is the best time to learn how to convert DVD to MP4 and transfer the files you need to the new format.

convert DVD to MP4

By converting DVDs to MP4, you can publish previously filmed videos on social networks and share family archives with relatives and friends online. Every day you will be able to review home recordings taken before the development of smartphones with a high-quality camera. The benefits are obvious, aren’t they? Let’s move on to DVD-to-MP4 converters.

How to convert DVDs to MP4

At the moment, there are two main ways and a huge number of apps to convert DVD files to video. Let’s talk a little more about them.

#1 It is easy to guess that the first one is apps for PCs. As a rule, in order to convert DVDs to MP4 on a PC, you just need to select software and install it on your computer. Such tools are powerful DVD-to-MP4 converters that support the most common video as well as audio files and images. They allow you to record video in many popular formats as well. In most of these applications, in addition to converting, it is also possible to edit video and audio files. You can cut out fragments, create one from several files, crop an image, adjust video parameters, flip and rotate images, extract sound from video files.

Many of such converters are paid. This may seem a drawback for someone. However, it should be noted that most of the prices are not that high, and a trial period is also provided by the developers. Furthermore, it is better to pay for a quality service than to install a doubtful program on your device. Hence the second minus follows. You can find a large quantity of DVD-to-MP4 converters on the net and install malware. Therefore, we recommend you read reviews and familiarize yourself with the applications you like in detail.

#2 If you do not want to download the program to your device, then you can always convert DVD files to MP4 online. To do this, you just need to select one of the many offered websites and upload a necessary file. Typically, these services are much easier to use. They are most suitable for short videos and those who need to convert only a few files. You will get a good final result, which you can either download to your computer or save to cloud storage.

Unlike PC apps, you won’t be able to fully edit videos. You can only complete the basic task – convert DVD video online. Moreover, you can only convert one file at a time and small in size. Online converters have limited maximum video size, and the conversion speed is much slower than in software for PCs. Therefore, decide on the main goal – whether you will be using the service on a one-time basis or on an ongoing one.

If you are a professional, then choosing the right DVD-to-MP4 converter is not a problem. And for beginners and ordinary users, this can be a challenge. First of all, we recommend you finally decide to convert DVD files to video and throw unnecessary junk out of your place. Also, do not skimp on a good app. Explore the offered products particularly, read and watch reviews. After all, invaluable materials from the family archive, and maybe from other areas of life, are at stake. In any case, this task should be completed responsibly. Don’t neglect the security of your data. Perhaps you store unique designs on your laptop. Who knows? 🙂