Convert PDF to Word – Through PDF To Word Converter App

PDF files are quite a good choice when you want to send a professionally looking document to someone else, because it will keep the formatting no matter what device the receiver users to view a file. However, when you need to reuse the old PDF file or when you want to make some edits to the file, you are required to convert a PDF to an editable form in order to make changes. The most popular conversion type is definitely PDF to Word, and because its wide usage there are mobile apps that convert PDF to Word and let you do all the work on your mobile phone.

One such app that we have already covered is PDF to Word converter (link to the geek snipper article about the app) and if you read the previous article you learned about all the features that the app offers for free. In the same article you can also find system requirements and other details about the app. But, if you are not sure how to use it, here are the tutorials.

For iOS

Once you have downloaded the iOS version of the app, tap on the app icon to open it. When you run the app you will see two divided sections on the screen as shown on the image below. In the section Convert a file from, choose the location where your PDF is stored.

For instance, if the PDF file you want to convert is stored on your phone, tap on the option Your Phone. If the PDF file is stored somewhere else, in the cloud, choose the corresponding cloud tool. You can choose from the following cloud tools:


  • Gmail and Google Drive
  • One Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • iCloud

Also, if you have a direct link of the PDF file you want to convert, you can copy and paste the link by selecting the option Direct Link.

As soon as you select the PDF file, it will show up in the Converted files section. Firstly, it will say Converting which means the file is being converted. Once it is converted, you will be able to open it.

Important note: since the converted file is in .docx format, you need to use MS Word or any other similar app to view and edit the converted file. Also, don’t forget to have mobile data internet connection turned on all the time during conversion. WiFi is also okay under condition it doesn’t loses during the conversion process. The conversion is done on the servers so your battery will stay untouched.

For Android

For Android users, the whole process is a bit different. First download PDF to Word for Android here, and run the app. Then tap on the + button to add a PDF as shown on the image below.

After that, you can choose whether to select a PDF file from your device or the cloud. When you select the PDF file the conversion will start and you will see the file being converted.

When the conversion is completed you can rename the file, send a copy to someone else, open it or delete it.

Both versions of the app, iOS and Android, enable users to keep adding files for conversion, one after another, but if you want the file to be converted in a quick manner, it is better to wait until the first file is converted. Android version of the app also has batch conversion feature where you can select multiple files at once and convert them but that feature is not free.