Facebook To Hire 20,000 Employees To Look After Content Shared On Facebook


One of the key discussion these days is Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica leak & after the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Mark Zuckerberg a lot of things has got clear. One thing that’s obvious is that Facebook will now become more secure and content sharing on Facebook will be much clean & versatile.

Yesterday at Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Mark Zuckerberg gave a clear statement that Facebook will hire 20,000 people to look after content shared across their social media platform. On the hearing Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned about how they have a this auto mated AI tool that monitors which content is right and non-violent so that the content shared on Facebook is clean and clear.

He also mentioned that there will be a new update on Facebook content sharing, where Facebook will develop a  new AI tool that will identify the certain classes of bad activity and report it to the team proactively so that Facebook can look after the content shared and take proper action against them.

Considering the fact that all this bad content have been generated by the fake accounts to manipulate the audience; Facebook has also decided to develop a new AI tool to identify these fake accounts generating malicious content & ban them. Apart from this, they have also made things very clear that other Facebook pages supporting activities like this will automatically get banned with these new developing AI tool.

One of the key challenge here is that Facebook is not yet that capable to track these malicious content in different languages, as he says that the sentiments shared might differ from what exactly people are saying. Hence he has also committed that in coming future (4-5 years) Facebook will make such a tool to help monitor this & take clear actions against them.

With yesterdays hearing it is quite clear that content sharing in Facebook will be quite different from what it use to be.

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