OCULUS GO & Gear VR To Bring 5K Playback Technology @60fps


5K Oculus Go

Everyone is aware of VR tech & one of the known brands are the OCULUS & HTC Vive. Till now the VR industry is doing really great, but the recent information that we got on the VR industry will blow up your mind. OCULUS GO & Gear VR To Bring 5K Playback Technology @60fps.

John Carmack, CTO for OCULUS has recently reveled some information on the future of OCULUS, in which it is expected that we could soon see the 5k resolution OCULUS technology with 60fps coming for the mobile industry. According to the update, it is expected that this will first come to OCULUS Go and then will soon see the same in Gear VR. According to John, this new 5k video playback technology will definitely set a new benchmark.

If you remember Henry, which was the first VR movie & again this time John confirmed that they will re release the movie in Oculus Go with 5k resolution at 60fps.  Being a 5k video it is surely going to be a huge download. With this it seems that the next VR technology is going to change the Industry.

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