Galaxy S9 May Have A Bigger 3200 mAh Battery – New Motherboard Design Suggests !


The Galaxy S8 has a 3000 mAh Battery & for many people it wasn’t enough. But, after the Galaxy Note 7 issue Samsung seemed to be making sure that, the issue doesn’t come back in any future devices. They even compromised with the Note 8 battery this year for the exact same reason.

Now, the Galaxy S9 is around the corner & Samsung may finally come with a way to fit in a bigger Battery inside. So, a recent report claims that Samsung will be using the Stacked Logic Board design approach to make space for a bigger Battery and by bigger I mean 3200 mAh.

Stacked Logic Board is the same approach that Apple used in the iPhone X where the motherboard was divided in two pieces. The Battery was also a two cell unit organized in a L-shape form factor. Samsung is probably going to the exact same thing with the S9.

This can also be true for the bigger S9+ & in that case the device might get a bump to anywhere between 3600 – 3700 mAh. So, after the Fingerprint Scanner is coming to it’s right place & even the Battery is going to be increased, Samsung seems to get many things right with the Galaxy S9 this time.


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