Google To Introduce Google Glass 1 An Improved Edition to Google Glass Explorer Edition


Early morning today we just got an update about a new Google product “GG1” (Google Glass 1) got approved by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This Google Glass 1 will be the first product to be promoted in the market.

As we know that, “Google Glass- Explorer Edition” got disapproved and hence this next generation Google Glass was designed. The rumors say; Google will be introducing different models this year. According to the sources, the testing of this new Google Glass has already been started.

This new GG1 is designed & developed with an aim to target enterprise and general customers. This model will completely have a new design will be embedded with the new configuration. The sources say that they are spending a lot of money on developing a seamless streaming video capability.

According to FCC, this product has enhanced their Wi-Fi parameter for this product and will also support Bluetooth LE. Most likely, this gadget might launch in the month of December.


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