How To Use Whatsapp On Desktop


The global phenomenon called WhatsApp is something which almost every one of us is aware of. This cross-platform messenger app that works on a plethora of devices varying from Android, to Blackberry, to Windows to even budget smartphones with Symbian operating systems has gained widespread popularity due to its simple and intuitive interface and support for sending not just text but also pictures and videos. Hence it was only natural that he creators decided to bring the experience to PC users. Albeit with the rider that they continue using the mobile platform.

Whatsapp Web, which was launched earlier in February 2015, allows existing WhatsApp users to access their Whatsapp via web (Whatsapp For PC), with an interface greatly similar to that on their mobile platforms. The integration is seamless and allows real-time updates of conversations on both PC and mobile.Telegram also provides the Telegram web feature and you are easily accessing the same account on other electronic devices.

The pre-requisites to this includes:

  1. Stable internet connection on both PC and Mobile
  2. An active WhatsApp profile on your mobile device
  3. The latest version of either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser of your choice.

How To Run WhatsApp Web is as follows:

  1. Log on to
  2. On the top left side check for a QR code
  3. Open WhatsApp on your mobile, go to options menu and Select WhatsApp Web
  4. A QR scanner will appear on your mobile, which must be directed towards the computer screen via the Mobile camera.
  5. On scanning the code, the browser will automatically load the WhatsApp Web messenger.

Once logged in, from the options menu of WhatsApp Web of your phone you can remotely log out or manage multiple instances where you have accessed WhatsApp Web.

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