HTC U12+ Confirmed To Be launched On 23rd May, 2018


HTC U12+ is coming & it’s coming later this month. So, earlier we’ve reported that the the device may arrive in early May of 2018 but instead, HTC is launching it a little bit late. HTC has published an Instagram post where they’ve teased a new smartphoneHTC U12 Confirmed To Be launched On 23rd May & we have absolutely zero doubts about the device being the U12+.

The image shows up the internals of the device & that’s what making us confident about the identity of it. We already know there will be a Quad-camera setup in the U12+ & as you can see in the picture above, there are two rear camera modules (on the left-middle & right-top) & two front camera modules (on the top-middle). So, undoubtedly these are the internals of the U12+. I still see no wireless charging though.

Talking about the specs, Other specifications include a 6 inch WQHD+ LCD Display (2K with 18:9 Aspect Ratio), a Snapdragon 8456 Gigabytes of RAM64 or 128 Gigabytes of Storage, 12MP+16MP Rear Cameras, 8MP+8MP Front Cameras3420 mAh Battery.

HTC U12 Confirmed To Be launched. Being the Dual-camera HTC come back, we’ve high hopes from the U12+, let’s see how HTC does it this time.

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