Apple Has Enabled 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging In iOS 11.2 !


Last time when we were talking about iOS 11.2, there was the approach of making all the third party apps compatible to take advantage of that Notch design in the iPhone X. This time there is a new information around the corner about the same iOS 11.2 Beta Update that says, it has unlocked 7.5W Fast Charging for iPhone 8, 8 Plus & X.


Apple Has Enabled 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging In iOS 11.2


Previously, these iPhones were able to charge at 5 Watts only but, with this new update they’ll now be able to take advantage of 7.5W Wireless Charging so, the charging speeds will be a bit faster compared to the early stages. This shows that Apple has been holding back this ability but, we’re not sure why.

Though, this isn’t the Fastest Wireless Charging available in smartphones as the newer Samsung Flagships are able to charge at a freaking 15 Watts but, as this is the first generation of iPhones having Wireless Charging, we can’t really complain. So, maybe Apple has kept something else secret as well & waiting to enable those in the Future. If that’s the case Apple, we’ll say that’s a pretty interesting strategy cause every time you unveil a hidden feature, users get a  an unexpected surprise just like they’ll be getting comparatively faster Wireless Charging after you release the Public Version of the iOS 11.2 .


Via: 9to5Mac

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