iPhone X In Brazil Will Cost $2,100 USD




One of the most expensive smartphones of the year 2017 is the iPhone X & it will gradually be available world wide. The iPhone X will start selling from December 1 in Colombia & then following Chile on December 7, and Brazil on December 8. What’s really interesting here is the price fr the iPhone X in Brazil.

The price for the iPhone X in Brazil will cost 6,999 Brazilian reals, which is around $2,100 USD. The iPhone X in the USA is priced $999, which means that the price in Brazil is twice. The reason for the higher pricing is because of the higher custom duty charges & strict labor law.

There is no information for the price on Chile & Colombia. If you are impatient & want to buy the iPhone X soon, then you can make a purchase  from their official website that will be delivered within 2 weeks worldwide.

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