The iPhone X Screen Breakage Issues Are Not Unfortunate


So, earlier today someone posted a video on Weibo where they showed a completely cracked iPhone X. The Internet seemed to go crazy over that video & hence we felt that we should make this article. Before we go further into the discussion this is what the broken iPhone X looked like in the video.

The iPhone X Screen Breakage Issues Are Not Unfortunate

Source: Weibo

Now, the main question that pops up here is that, how this phone got broken so badly ? Has it fell from the users hands or it has gone through a dedicated drop test or a dedicated hammer test or something like that ? Showing a broken phone doesn’t make any sense if we don’t know why it got broken.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this article. Even if you drop the iPhone X or any phone that uses a Glass Screen or Back or Both on a hard surface, there is an over 70% chance that it’ll break or at-least get creaked. Now, the the damage may be more or less depending on the hight, the angle & the surface but, it can definitely get broken as it’s glass afterall. For example let’s take the example of the iPhone 8 drop test that Zack did on his Youtube channel JerryRigEverything. This was the result after that drop test was finished after multiple drops.

The iPhone X Screen Breakage Issues Are Not Unfortunate

Source: Zack (Instagram)

This happened after multiple drops from various hights on a concrete surface. So, the point is none of the phones will get this much damaged from a single drop but, they may at-least get cracks from even a single drop. But, then why is Apple is claiming this as one of most durable glass on any smartphone right ? Well, I have seen misconceptions that are kinda related to this. I mean the durability of the glass on a smartphone.

The fact is no matter what kind of Glass an OEM is using on their phones, Glass is not something that is unbreakable. So, we do get some scratch resistant glasses from Corning that are wisely resistant to day to day scratches but, they are also breakable. The truth is even Sapphire that is much harder than Glass is also breakable. So, no matter what kind of Glass is Apple is using in their iPhone X or iPhone 8. They can get broken as a result of one or multiple drops. So, using a case is always a better idea specially with a phone that has Glass on both the Front & the Back. That can be the iPhone X, the Note 8 or any phone that has glass on both the sides. Even if you have a Metal back, a Tempered Glass is recommended to save your screen from drops.

So, the main purpose of this article was to tell you guys that, if the iPhone X is cracking or shattering as a result of drops, that’s not unfortunate. Any phone that is using Glass, can shatter with drops & that’s completely normal. So, don’t panic if you have or ordered an iPhone X or Note 8 or any phone you’re worried about breaking. Just get a Case or Tempered glass for your device depending on your preference. Hope this helps.

[Note: This article is not sponsored by Apple or any other company. We just wanted to make you aware of this fact & that’s why we made this article.]

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