Just After Samsung Lenovo Makes A Boom – Another Smartphone Blast Story


If I ask you to recall the latest Smartphone blast story, then everyone of us will remember Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but hold on, this news is never ending. Recently an Indian consumer twitter about his colleague’s Lenovo K4 Note blast story. I guess all Notes has some problem. Below the article, here find the Lenovo K4Note exploded.


Soon after the tweet  Lenovo took this thing very politely. Some users also blamed the new Marshmallow update as the phone use to get heated up since they have upgraded of Marshmallow. If we also consider all Lenovo’s smartphone, people had a huge complain about the poor build quality. I guess Lenovo has some reply to this blast.

Lenovo K4 Note Explodes
Lenovo K4Note exploded

This incident will surely bring Lenovo’s market down in India & Globally. If you are one of the Lenovo K4Note exploded users, then be aware. and just after Samsung Lenovo Makes A Boom – another Smartphone blast story click here

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