Lenovo Introduces “WRITEit” A Software Application For Windows Devices


Lenovo is one of my favourite brands that involves themselves in innovative technologies. And now they have introduced a new software “WRITEit.WRITEit is an amazing software application that gives you a new experience on writing on your devices. With this application you will experience a very new way of  pen writing on your Lenovo devices supporting pen (stylus).

Now you can fill any forms, Google Search, write mails, messages, and do everything that involves typing in your device. You just have to write it with your stylus/pen and it will automatically convert it into text. If you have a presentation to do, or you want you send a mail or any other work; it is just so simple. Watch the video to see what this new Lenovo WRITEit Software application is all about:


Download WRITEit
WRITEit is only availabe for LENOVO Windows tablets, but not for all. This software application is available for the following Lenovo Windows Devices:
  • ThinkPad Yoga
  • ThinkPad Helix
  • ThinkPad 10
  • Yoga Tablet 2 (with AnyPen)


This software application will soon launch for other Lenovo device. With this application you now have the freedom to write anywhere on your lenovo device and it will automatically convert the text. We will keep you updated about the release of this software application on other devices, as soon as it is launched.


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