Microsoft Announced A Free Preview Of Their New Q# Programming Language For Quantum Computing !


Microsoft Announced A Free Preview Of Their New Q# Programming Language For Quantum Computing

Microsoft announced the Q# Programming Language that was geared towards Quantum Computing back in September and finally they have unveiled a Quantum Development Kit that includes the Q#, a quantum computing simulator and other resources for people who want to develop applications for a quantum computer.

“The hope is that you play with something like teleportation and you get intrigued,” said Krysta Svore, a principal researcher at Microsoft who has led the development of the quantum software and simulator. She also said, “The beauty of it is that this code won’t need to change when we plug it into the quantum hardware”

The kit will let people create applications that will be able to run right now on the quantum simulator, Those apps also will eventually work on a topological quantum computer, that is being developed by Microsoft for general purpose quantum computing.

About the development procedure & usability, Microsoft mentioned on their Blog Post,

“It’s deeply integrated into Visual Studio, Microsoft’s suite of developer tools, so aspects of it will be familiar to people who are already developing applications in other programming languages. And it’s designed to work with a local quantum simulator, also released as part of the kit, that can simulate around 30 logical qubits of quantum computing power using a typical laptop computer. That will allow developers to debug quantum code and test programs on small instances right on their own computers.”

So Quantum computing is expanding & in terms of the use cases of Quantum Computing, there future looks really bright. In case you want to try the Development kit out, it can be downloaded from here.


Source: Microsoft



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