Microsoft Will Start Shipping The LTE Version Of The Surface Pro 5 In December


The Surface Pro 5 was announced quite a while back & Microsoft will be also selling a LTE version of the device starting this December.  Basically, this is the exact same Surface Pro 5 but, this time it has LTE module built in. We have seen Apple doing the same with their iPad line & Microsoft is finally at it…


Microsoft Will Start Shipping The LTE Version Of The Surface Pro 5 In December


The Surface Pro line was built to bring power & portability together and the Surface Pro 5 is no exception. It’s built over the 2-in-1 approach while taking design inspirations from it’s predecessors & the Surface Laptop. Till now Surface Pro 5 was able to connect to wireless LANs just like any other Windows Laptop but, the LTE support adds a new feather to its connectivity.


Microsoft said in their Blog post,

“Surface Pro with LTE Advanced is the latest addition to the Surface family and will begin shipping to business customers in December 2017. With a Cat 9 modem, Surface Pro with LTE Advanced is the fastest LTE-enabled laptop in its class1. It delivers global connectivity with support of 20 cellular bands2 so you can work, study, create or relax uninterrupted.”


So, the device currently supports 20 different bands that shall provide a wide range of network support but, it’s a Cat 9 LTE modem so, peak speeds won’t be as fast as as something with a Cat 12 or Cat 13 LTE.  But, however we are happy that Microsoft finally decided to include LTE in their Surface Pro line & we hope it gets better in the upcoming models.


Source: Microsoft


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