Sony H9436 and H9493 Two New Smartphone Spotted


Talking about Sony Smartphones, we had recently heard about their new H8416 (This is just the ID. The model number is yet to be confirmed). Sources say this could be their upcoming Sony Xperia XZ3. Today we came across their 2 new model numbers that are the Sony H9436 and H9493 on Sony’s UAProf. Consider their numbering format, this is the first time we have seen their 9 series, which means the H8416 is not the Xperia XZ3.

How can we say that this is the Xperia XZ3? PFB table for your reference.

Model Numbers


Sony Xperia XZ2
Sony Xperia XZ3


Looking at the specification, there is just one confirmation about the display. It is said to come with a 2160×1080 resolution FHD+ 18:9 aspect display. And yes it will also support the audio jack. The same model is used for the Google AR framework code called ARCore, which is equipped with Android 9 (Pie). But the source shows that the Sony H9436 and H9493 is equipped with Android Oreo.

We had also seen the H8616 model in our early leaks of the XZ3 series. This smartphone was also installed with Android Pie.

This smartphone will be announced at IFA 2018 & we expect it to come loaded with Snapdragon 845 loaded, dual single camera & Android 9.0 installed & along with their flagship Snapdragon 855 processor.

Also Check Video Render Leak of the Xperia XZ3:

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