Nokia 6 2018 Got Leaked In Images With A 16:9 Display Again !


Last time we got the news about the Nokia 6 2018 coming out on 3rd January but, that didn’t happened so, I guess that news was wrong. However, some pictures of the Nokia 6 2018 version has recently came out in the wild & brought a huge disappointment alongside. So, the Nokia 6 2018 is again having a 16:9 Display instead of having a new 18:9 Aspect ratio. At least that’s these renders tell.

So, though the Fingerprint scanner has been shifted towards the back but, the Display is definitely 16:9 here resulting in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 yet again.

However, if some of the previous leaks are true then the Snapdragon 630 & 4 Gigabytes of RAM might be there in the final product but, with this new leak, there is a pretty big chance that those leaks may also not be as accurate. So, we don’t want to talk about the Nokia 6 2018 anymore until a much stronger evidence or the official product itself comes out.




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