Nokia 6.1 Spotted In The List Of Google AR Core Supporting Developer Website


It seems that Nokia HMD Global is secretly working on one of their new mid-range smartphones with the model Nokia 6.1 Plus. This secret Nokia 6.1 Plus was spotted on Google’s AR Core developer website & this claims that the Nokia 6.1 Plus is one of the latest devices to support AR Core.

Nokia 6.1 Spotted

Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer, HMD Global clams that it might be an typo error. But few hours later we really did not see any changes happening in the AR Core developer website.

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There is no information about the specification of this smartphone, and we are not even sure if Nokia 6.1 Pro is really going to come. If this leak is real then this will definitely be a mid-ranged smartphone to power a 700 Series processor with 4GB RAM. But, before we confirm anything regarding the smartphone, we still have to wait for some official announcement regarding the device.

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