Over 60,000 CS:GO Cheaters Gets Banned From Valve


Counter Strike

When it comes to gaming, CS:GO is one of those games that every gamer knows about. Being so popular, it is quite obvious to find more cheaters using cheat codes. From last few years this has been increased exponentially & to take action against this, Valve has been on their toes.

Talking about the cheaters, Valve has banned over 60 thousands CG:GO users using cheat codes to win the battle.  This ban is recorded as the biggest ban ever done by Valve. According to Overwatch’s report, there was about 24,000 band made & now it has crossed 60,000.

With this, there are a lot of thing that gets clear. This is a clear indication that people who are using cheat codes will be banned immediately. This is a algorithm update made by Valve to track every cheaters.

One more thing that we should not forget about is pirated games. So, in future we might see that playing CS:GO can only be possible with steam.

Cheating is CS:GO is an ongoing thing and we see new cheat codes every time. Last time it was aimlock, wallhack etc and in future it will be something else. But, what really matters is that people who are into serious gaming cannot tolerate these cheaters, which becomes important for any gaming company to give access to just those who are into clean gaming.

With this update by Valve, it is also clear that we might see some more changes in terms of UI (eg. new Panorama UI update) and might get some new guns and maps.

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