Qualcomm Adds More Carriers To Support The Snapdragon 835 Powered Windows 10 PCs


Remember the always connected PCs from Qualcomm that got announced in the end of last year ? Well, those PCs are making their way to the markets of various countries. But, what about the carrier support to serve the main characteristic of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Powered Windows 10 PCs, which is a 4G LTE connection.

Well, Qualcomm did announced some of the carriers early in the CES 2018 which included,

  • China – China Telecom
  • Italy – TIM
  • U.K. – EE
  • U.S. – Sprint, Verizon

But, finally they have announced carriers for more countries & new carriers for some existing countries as well. The new additions include,

  • Australia – Telstra
  • China – CMCC (China Mobile Communications Corporation)
  • France – Transatel
  • Germany – Deutsche Telekom
  • Ireland – Cubic
  • Spain – Telefónica
  • Switzerland – Swisscom
  • U.S.A – T-Mobile and AT&T

Brands like ASUS, HP & Lenovo are already making Snapdragon 835 powered always connected PCs. However, these PCs won’t be available in all the countries as you might expect. Maybe in the future they’ll expand the line up & country list with the Snapdragon 845 or 855 but, we’ll see when these products actually come out.

Source: Qualcomm

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