Qualcomm Has Started Testing The Snapdragon 670 – Might Appear In The Fist Half Of 2018


Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 is going to be the second biggest Hot Cake for the whole Snapdragon line up in 2018. The Good thing is that, the SOC might start being used in Smartphones from the First Half of 2018. Qualcomm has already started to test out the Snapdragon 670 at it’s early stages that means the SOC is ready & after Qualcomm finishes the testing stages, they’ll be doing the mass production for upcoming Smartphones.

As a strong proof of this statement, we’ve been seeing several Snapdragon 670 Benchmarks on Geekbench that’s coming from a Qualcomm branded device.

Qualcomm Has Started Testing The Snapdragon 670 - Might Appear In The Fist Half Of 2018

If you remember back from the days of when the Snapdragon 835 was about to be announced, Qualcomm showcased a self made device running on the SOC. These devices are made to test the new SOCs out in their early stages. Same goes for the device that Qualcomm is using to test the Snapdragon 670 out.

Now, as far the Benchmarking scores suggest, the Performance is higher than the Snapdragon 660 & lower compared to the Snapdragon 835. To be more specific, the Single-core Score is similar to something like a Snapdragon 821 but, the Multi-core Score is higher. However, the day-to-day user experience shall be very similar to the Snapdragon 821. The SOC will also be based on the 10nm Process Technology which helps to improve Performance while enhancing the Power Efficiency.

So, with all that said, the Snapdragon 670 shall be available in Upcoming Smartphones starting from the First Half of 2018. This will finally bring a nice Flagship grade experience to mid range devices. That means the Smartphones equipped with the 670 shall be a nice value for the money.

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