Samsung Galaxy S10+ To Feature Triple Camera- Report Says


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According to the recent reports on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, people have been talking majorly on the triple camera setup. There’s been no official confirmation from the team,  but rumors say that Samsung is working on developing a triple camera setup for the S10+. Along with this, it is also said that we can expect to have 3 variant that is the flagship S10 Plus, & two S10 series with different RAM variant.

There is no specific mechanism to know on how the smartphone triple camera will work, but we are quite sure that it will feature a 16MP camera sensor. With this triple camera setup on the rear, the smartphone will receive a dual selfie camera with 16MP + 8MP Camera lens.

This triple camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will definitely bring some attention to the brand as Samsung is not going that form last few years in the market. But, how much can this concept work is another question until we get to know a clear idea of it.

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