Samsung Is Setting Up A New Plant For 7nm Chip Production


The competition of producing better 7nm chips is pretty intense between Samsung & TSMC. When we’re hearing a lot about the possibilities of the first 7nm Snapdragon SOC to be build by TSMC & not Samsung, these kind of news are probably the quiet confirmations of that.

So, if you aren’t aware, Qualcomm has already showcased their Snapdragon X24 modem which is build on the 7nm Process Technology which is probably based on Samsung’s technology. The next piece of silicon in this line is going to be the next Snapdragon SOC which will probably be called the Snapdragon 855. However, it’s almost confirmed that Samsung is not making that SOC this time & Qualcomm is going with TSMC this time. So, what remains for Samsung is their next Exynos SOC which will compete the Snapdragon 855 & that’s where Samsung is going to use the 7nm Process Technology as expected.

Samsung is setting up their new plant in the Hwaseong city in Gyeonggi Province of South Korea to boost the production of the 7nm Process Technology & the actual reason behind this seems to be the the incoming competition that TSMC will be giving to Samsung starting probably from the end of this year.

So, who will win this grand 7nm competition ? Only time can tell that but, it’s clear that these competition actually result in great technology which benefits the consumers in the end. That’s why the winner doesn’t matter here. What matters the most is, the potential of the chips that Samsung & TSMC will be making.

Source: TweakTown

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