Sony Showcased A Smartphone Camera Sensor That Can Shoot 1000 fps Slow-motion


Sony is the main Camera Sensor supplier for most of the major smartphone brands these days. Recently they have showcased a new CMOS sensor made for Smartphones that can shoot 1080P slow-motion videos at 1000 fps. This may change the way how smartphone cameras capture videos in the present. Unlike a traditional 2-layer stacked CMOS image sensor, this new sensor has a DRAM Section between the Pixel Section & the Circuit Section of the sensor, making it a 3-layer stacked CMOS image sensor. Here is an example from Sony,

Sony 1000 fps

Sony claims that this is the industry first 3-layer stacked image sensor. With the 1 Gigabit DRAM ( 8 bits = 1 byte ) configuration it can shoot a still image of 19.3 MP at just 1/120 sec. It has a pixel size of 1.22μm & the total number of effective pixels are 21.2 Megapixels (5520 x 3840).

Sony has also showcased their video recording capabilities. They shot some slow-mo footages at 960fps & the playback was in 15fps. That translates to a 64x Slow-motion video. Check out the clip,

We are very much exited about this amazing technology & as it was already made possible, we hope to see it soon in the upcoming flagship smartphones.

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